I, like most people, like snow up until the point when you have to shovel it. It's beautiful, it's whimsical, it delays school and work. But then it gets ugly and brown (and sometimes yellow). Your back hurts and sometimes you fall on your butt. But at least I can capture it at it's pretty moments. Copy-write Katie-Eve Photography 2014 [polldaddy poll=7736434]

Finding Adventure

Last fall I rented from my school a Canon 5D Mark III with a full kit of Canon Ultrasonic Lenses. I knew I had to shoot some foliage shots, and D knew right where to go. We hopped in the truck and set off up north on another adventure, with not destination in mind. We just followed our gut. We stopped along a winding, hill-side road and got out to see this majestic view. Incredible colors. Saw this as an…

Dreaming of Punta Cana

Last May, my boyfriend and I went on our first vacation together. Now, this wasn't the only milestone on the trip. This happened to be: My first time on a place. My first time outside of the tri-state area. My first time out of the country. My first real vacation (that didn't include getting smashed around in tumultuous Jersey-shore/cold Atlantic surf.) My first time seeing clear, ocean water. I was out of my mind excited. All the way up until I…