A life of fantasy.

I live in the same house I’ve lived in since birth. It’s a small farm house, split level, with an old garage with lots of rusty farm equipment and tons of terra cotta pots. The sun beams down through the places where weather and rain made the shingles soften and cave in. Vines have started to creep over the walls and down into the cement foundation. The earth is going to reclaim it soon. Even farther out on our property…


I, like most people, like snow up until the point when you have to shovel it. It's beautiful, it's whimsical, it delays school and work. But then it gets ugly and brown (and sometimes yellow). Your back hurts and sometimes you fall on your butt. But at least I can capture it at it's pretty moments. Copy-write Katie-Eve Photography 2014 [polldaddy poll=7736434]