Never let inspiration go, even if it’s 3:00am.

February 20, 2015

It’s 5:30 am, and if you know me this is an ungodly hour for me to be awake. I used to get up at this time every day with no complaints to catch a train to the city at 7:00am. But now that I am working from home, I take it upon myself to enjoy some liberties…like sleeping in.

But tonight/day was different. I’ve been up since 3:00am because my mind was racing. Not in a bad way, about stressful days and personal problems. It was racing with inspiration; things to write, things to make, things to film, things to cook. I wasn’t even frustrated about not sleeping. I was so incredibly comfortable in my new, fleece sheets on my brand new king bed, snuggling with my warm boyfriend sleeping next to me.

Finally, after two and a half hours of brainstorming and the occasional Pinterest pinning, I got out of bed and wrapped myself in warm clothes (since it is a record-breaking cold here in New York) and I padded out into the living room to do my dirty work.

I started my day with a quick wash of my face with my favorite products, a pat of refreshing toner, and a slather of moisturizer to protect against the cold, dry air. Now, I was officially awake. Next, a delicious avocado toast with tomato, poached egg and Sriracha drizzle, a tall glass of iced Kombucha green tea, and a note pad. I wrote down every single thing I wanted to do today, (and obviously included a cat nap because the body needs to make up that lost sleep some time…), and I vowed to do all these things.

Avocado toast; a staple of my mornings. And of course, some kind of cold tea, no matter what the weather.


I am happy. I am motivated. I am fueled by healthy food and drink and a list of to-dos that matter to me. I’m sharing all this with you because throughout my short life I have met a lot of people. For some people creativity and inspiration come easily. For others it is a struggle. Some people claim they were born with absolutely no creativity. Whoever you are, I implore you to never let inspiration go when it strikes you. It may never come back! I’ve had many experiences where I’ve fallen asleep or just simply distracted and then missed out on a creative opportunity.

So, no matter what time it is, no matter where you are, if you get struck by inspiration at the most inconvenient time, embrace it. Get out of bed and do it. Jump out of the shower and write it down. Make an audio file on your phone, email a note to yourself, draw it on a napkin. But never let it go.

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