Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen

November 9, 2015

(Written by Gabby Coles, The Hungry New Yorker contributor.)

Next time you visit the Brooklyn Museum, The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, or even Prospect Park, make Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen (a.k.a MDK) your meal destination.

Ms. Dorsey's Kitchen in Brooklyn, New York

Originally from Ohio, shop owner and chef Ron Johnson Jr. has been making homemade grilled cheese sandwiches since October of 2014. The small restaurant is named after his grandmother, whose good memories of eating at her house inspired him to open the restaurant. His dream to bring back feelings from home are a reality; Ron is one of the friendliest people you could meet. He introduces himself, thanks you for coming, and even remembers your name. Ron makes sure every customer feels like a part of the family.

After a trip to the Brooklyn Museum, my boyfriend checked Yelp for nearby restaurants and decided on Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen. The restaurant’s specializes in grilled cheese, but also offers soups, salads, and bread pudding.


The menu’s suggested sandwiches sound great, and every other customer ordered one of them. Inspired by our aforementioned museum trip, we decided to make some art of our lunch and create our own sandwiches. I had a ricotta cheese with bacon, tomatoes, and balsamic reduction on ciabatta. My boyfriend picked cheddar with some very juicy roasted turkey, tomatoes, and balsamic reduction on pretzel bread. Mine was good, but my boyfriend’s was amazing. The turkey really impressed me, I rarely get to taste a perfectly cooked serving of turkey like that.


We enjoyed our food while Batman Rises played on the television. Ron chatted with us and helped entertain a couple’s young son. It was a very nice atmosphere.

We were honestly being cheap that day, we had a lot of stuff planned. So, regrettably, we didn’t order any soup or bread pudding, which comes with homemade mango nectar. That has to be delicious. I also regret not ordering their onion jam for my sandwich.

But I’m not too worried. I’ll definitely be going back to Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen soon. I hope to see you there as well!

Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen is located at 794 Washington Ave, Brooklyn NY 11238

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