I had the best meal of the year and couldn’t even Instagram about it!

April 23, 2014

A herd of angry New York taxis trampled my iPhone late thursday night. Yes, it was very traumatizing, but also great because I had to do a lot of 90s things, like use pay phones, go from point A to point B without communicating with someone in-transit. I actually used the paper to check the weather! But unfortunately, Saturday night was on of the best meals I’ve ever had, and I have no pictorial proof.

Blue Water Grill is a beautiful and spacious seafood restaurant on Union Square, and on the night before Easter, it was quiet and relaxing. They gave us a half circle booth which was more than enough room for both of us, so we snuggled up and ordered probably the best shared appetizer ever.

They have what they call “Shellfish Towers” and they describe it as “hand-selected seasonal seafood from hunts point market: maine lobster, red king crab, jumbo shrimp, littleneck clams, ceviche, marinated prince edward island mussels, east and west coast oysters.” In other words, heaven. You can order it in one of three ways; Townhouse (1 – 2 guests), High Rise (2 – 4 guests) or Skyscraper (4 – 6 guests). We got the Townhouse Shellfish Tower, which was literally a tower of plates and ice with various shellfish nestled around little containers of sauce. We dug right in.

The ceviche was nice, about a spoonful for each person. Same thing for the calamari. Believe it or not this was the first time I ever tried raw oysters, and they were delicious. I was such a spaz eating them, but once I finally sucked them up, YUM. The mussels had a spicy, crunchy relish on top that was addicting. The lobster was by far the best I’d ever had; ice cold and cooked perfectly, so tender is was almost creamy. D ate all the raw clams, which horrified me to look at, and the shrimp were good. Just your standard jumbo cocktail shrimp.

I don’t know much about wine, but I do know white wine pairs well with seafood. And I felt pressured with the waitress standing over me as I looked at the bible of wines, so I just ordered the first white wine I looked at; a glass of Riesling, which was yummy. For the entree I ordered Blackened Swordfish with Sweet Potato and lump crab hash, cilantro and red curry, and D ordered Sesame Crusted Big Eye Tuna with lo mein noodles, crisp vegetables and ginger soy. He for some reason swapped out the crisp vegetables for a side of sautéed spinach, which he liked better. The waitress was fine about it, so if you do need to make changes I’m sure they would accommodate. Both were delicious. The hash was excellent, and can be ordered as a side with any dish (I would order two, if I were you. NOMNOM) And I didn’t even know it was red curry until just now when I looked at the menu again, but anyway it worked well with the spicy fish. D’s tuna was cooked perfectly rare and the ginger soy sauce was sticky and sweet and served on the side so you can dunk or pour. I for one, am a dunker.

For dessert, D got a deconstructed milk and cookies which was a ball of dough, covered in chocolate and cookie crumbles, and milk foam. He liked it but in my opinion, some things you don’t need to deconstruct, and not everything needs to be deconstructed!  I had a Union Square Market Fruit Crumble with vanilla bean gelato. I was so stuffed I tried with all my inner and abdominal strength to finish it, but I just couldn’t. I love anything with crumble on top and a crust on the bottom. The gelato was a hard ball of yogurt that I chased around my plate trying to scoop, so I gave up and focused on the crumbly goodness.

All in all, Blue Water Grill is one of my top five favorite restaurants now. It was a romantic, relaxing evening spent sharing food with someone I love. I highly recommend you doing the same.

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