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January 21, 2014

Last fall I rented from my school a Canon 5D Mark III with a full kit of Canon Ultrasonic Lenses. I knew I had to shoot some foliage shots, and D knew right where to go. We hopped in the truck and set off up north on another adventure, with not destination in mind. We just followed our gut.

IMG_0695We stopped along a winding, hill-side road and got out to see this majestic view. Incredible colors.

IMG_0697Saw this as an opportunity for a photo shoot. This has become one of my favorite pictures. Credit to D for taking this great picture. (A little over exposed but hey, we’ll let it slide 😉 )

IMG_0720 IMG_0721We met a guy up there with a bike. Naturally, D and him started talking all about bikes, Harley’s, where they ride and what clubs they belong to. Eventually, we pried ourselves away and moved on up the road.

We got off the main highway and started wandering and getting lost. I saw something and yelled STOP! and we ditched off onto the side of the road. I got my camera ready and said I’d be back, and I went off sliding down a hill in shoes that were not made for hiking, to this spot that I wanted to stay in forever.

IMG_0735The smoothest, pitch black river rocks lay everywhere, from tiny pebbles to big boulders. They were slippery from river muck, but clean and perfect, worn smooth by high tides.

IMG_0737Looking up, all the trees had lost their leaves and they were still reaching for the sun.

IMG_0731This is what I guess connected the river underneath the road. It was ominous and creepy and I so wanted to go in and see where it lead, but I didn’t. Maybe another time.


This log looked like it recently fell, but the bark was so nice and still smelt alive.IMG_0739I don’t know who was there first, the rock or the tree, but they did not look comfortable with their living space.

Next we took a turn into an empty camp site on a lake…or so we thought it was empty…

IMG_0757We walked on a path, avoiding the goose poop, past this crystalline lake. Not a ripple anywhere. Past this there were these really gorgeous bright red trees, but I couldn’t get a good shot from this distance. Plus we heard something and went to look closer.

One of the camp houses was having a gathering of some sort. We found out because we opened the door uninvited and, thankfully, no one noticed us and we slowly backed away. It was probably some kind of cult.


As we ran for the hills from the children of the corn, I spotted these pretty little whispy grasses, one of the only plants still alive and kickin. IMG_0764I got my feet completely soaked getting shots of this little creek, but I didn’t care. It was making the greatest gurgling sounds.

After we left, we had dinner at a small town dinner. I had some kind of sandwich but their soup was phenomenal. I’m always thankful for these impromptu trips. It’s ok to not have a plan and a schedule. Sometimes you just have to go and set out, find something new. Don’t use your phone to find a place that google deems worth seeing. Pick a direction and just GO.

All photos take by Kate, All rights reserved. Katie Eve Photography. 

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