Discipline, and why it is essential.

March 16, 2014

A long time ago, the grandeur and honor of joining the armed forces intrigued me. I knew quite a few people who joined to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan at the time, so it was all around me. I honestly wanted to join the Air Force and go to space. I was like a kid vowing to be an astronaut. But I also wanted to go because I admired the discipline taught in bootcamp.

As it happens, I did not join the armed forces. I went on to film as well as fitness, and along the way discovered yoga. The hardest thing to me became developing a practice on my own. My mind would wander, I’d get a text and stop in the middle of Chadaranga, or I’d just start and never finish my practice at home.

Eating sweets was another issue with me. I couldn’t just have one of anything. It isn’t an issue of gaining weight, it was just literally, how I felt. I never feltΒ right after having something sweet or something made with grains. It lethargic and down, not to mention angry at myself for my lack of self control. It started affecting me mentally more than anything.

So then I said one day, THAT’S IT! I am DONE! And I vowed that for 21 days I would not have any sugar. And guess what. I’m on day 14 and I haven’t had a single morsel.

It was not easy. Days 1 to 5 were hell, for me and the people around me. I was cranky, I was craving things, I was so hangry (that’s angrily hungry). I was eating anything I could get my hands on that didn’t have any sugar in it; vegetables, hummus, meat, eggs, nuts and seeds. And let me tell you, when you want a cookie or a slice of toast, none of those things taste the same or are remotely comforting. But being a personal trainer and a part-time Paleo-eater, I had quite a few recipes that kept me going strong.

After Day 5 I developed bad digestive issues. I wanted to quit. Looking at my big fat bloated belly I was screaming in my head, “I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE!” But I persisted, and it paid off. The issues leveled out and all at once, I felt incredible. The headaches went away, my skin cleared up, my tummy troubles leveled out. I stopped having cravings. I even went out to dinner and skipped the bread AND the dessert! I have never done that.

And now, on Day 14, I have come to realize the importance of a discipline. I know now that I can push through any obstacles that come my way. It may be hard and it may make you uncomfortable, but in the end it pays off, and it pays off wonderfully.

So now, my next disciplinary act is to do 10 Sun Salutations every morning and 10 Moon Salutations every night. Although anxious and nervously excitement about this endeavor, I know now that if I put my mind to it like I did with the detox, I can absolutely do it.


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