Bröd Kitchen: Bringing Nordic cuisine to the Upper East Side.

April 15, 2015

On the corner of 63rd street is a small, sleek and modern bakery. The doors are open and a jovial, excited cook is handing out flyers on the corner. This is Bröd Kitchen, a Nordic-inspired casual eatery serving every meal from breakfast to dessert, as well as in-house or take-out.

A selection of sandwiches.



Chef Hugo Uys and Culinary Director Monette de Botton have created a menu using sustainable and local ingredients that are both delicious and healthy. Their signature item, Smørrebrød, is an open faced sandwich topped with either savory ingredients like curried chicken and cream cheese, or sweet ingredients like honey and hazelnuts.

Sweet smörrebröd with apricot and rosemary on cream cheese and fruit & nut bread.


Hugo puts a huge emphasis on the quality of ingredients at Bröd Kitchen. He uses the highest quality, locally grown ingredients along with organic dairy products and fair-trade coffee and teas. Their artisan breads are also made using a long-fermentation process for better health standards as well as a longer shelf-life without using preservatives. His energy was contagious and he was truly passionate about the food he makes.

Chef Hugo Uys
Chef Hugo Uys
Culinary Director Monette.


While speaking with Monette, she explained her passion for the Smørrebrød, especially the sweet menu which only came out last November. She says that desserts don’t have to be overly sweet and healthy; you can still feel good while having a treat. This is especially true of their Daim chocolate and crème fraiche smørrebrød. Daim bars are Swedish candy bars in origin. They taste like toffee covered in chocolate but strangely enough, it is actually almond butter. On this sweet and light smørrebrød, Daim bars are crushed and sprinkled on crème fraiche and served on top of a chewy fruit & nut bread. Instead of candy, you can also try the blueberry smørrebrød on top of crème fraiche drizzled with a bit of honey. It was refreshing and naturally sweet.

Daim bars.


Here are some other great smørrebrød options:

  • Salmon: Smoked salmon, cream cheese and lemon ($3.75).
  • Tomato-Basil: cherry tomatoes, basil, balsamic vinegar and cream cheese ($3.00).
  • Roast Chicken: roasted chicken, cream cheese, curry mango sauce and red horseradish ($3.50).
  • Pistachio & Apricot: crème fraiche, pistachio, dried apricot and rosemary ($2.75)
  • Hazelnut & Honey: goat cheese, honey, hazelnuts and thyme.
Sweet smørrebrød.
Savory smørrebrød.


They also offer other options, including juicy chicken, creamy soups, cakes and cupcakes, and a wide array of sides. Here are some pictures below:

Nordic Sides.
Stuffed and roasted chickens.
Pots of creamy soups.
Mini cakes; they were about half the size of the usual sized cake.


Bröd Kitchen is offering a special, buy two get one free on their smørrebrød from now until April 30th every day from 1 -7 PM. It’s nice to see other cultures making their way into the New York food scene, especially in a way that is affordable and convenient. Grab some to go, eat in or order out. When you go, take pics and tag it on Twitter and Instagram @Brod_NYC or on Facebook @brodkitchen. 

Bröd Kitchen: 1201 Second Avenue (corner of 63rd Street) 212-600-5202

Open for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner: Monday – Sunday 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

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    1. looks so good !! When we visit New York we will eat in this place ‘ Sheila x

    1. looks so good !! When we visit New York we will eat in this place ‘ Sheila x

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