About me.

Hello, my name is Kate and I am The Hungry New Yorker.


I am always hungry. If you know me personally you know that if I am not eating, I am anticipating my next meal. Beware the times that I am hungry, because I get quite the temper. There is not much I don’t like, and I will always give something a go if it doesn’t eat me first.

A Jersey girl by birth and a New Yorker by association, I moved to New York for school and fell in love with a city. I’ve eaten at more restaurants, bars and food trucks than I can count. I set out to create a blog about these travels and eating experiences, and here it is.

I currently write here and for The Culture Trip, in addition to being a freelance food and travel photographer. My goal is to travel the world, documenting my experiences and seeing all that this beautiful world has to offer.