10 Reasons to Visit Citi Field This Summer

May 19, 2015

Baseball is a timeless sport, reminiscent of sunny summer days, the smell of sausage and peppers and the iconic sounds of baseball. Baseball runs deep with New Yorkers, and we are lucky enough to have two stadiums just a subway ride away. This summer, hop on the 7 Line and head to Citi Field for these ten memorable reasons.

1. Citi Field

Center field view.


Shea Stadiums replacement, although a baby compared to it’s predecessor, is designed to be a much better, much more fan-friendly stadium. Any ticket affords you a fantastic view of the playing field. If you happen to have a $13 nose bleed seat, you can still head down to the lower level, grab a hot dog, and lean on a table with a perfect view of right field. Starting to rain? There are many places to stay dry while still being able to watch the game.

2. Shake Shack

Line outside of Shake Shack an hour before start time.


Citi Field takes stadium food to another level, with many great and varied vendors, including (and most importantly) Shake Shack. They offer milkshakes so cold and so thick they call them “concrete”, their famous burgers and fries, along with hot dogs and frozen custard. A word to the wise; get there as early as possible. The line with be about fifty anxious Mets fans deep even an hour before the game starts. However…it is worth the wait.

3. Exclusive Clubs

Upper level of the Acela Club.


Certain tickets will afford you club access to one or more of Citi Field’s Clubs. Spanning dugout to dugout behind home plate, the Delta Sky 360 Club includes a restaurant Pat LaFrieda’s Chop House and two full service bars. By far the best, the Acela Club offers a fine dining experience with a view, and the option to dine outside on the patio. The Caesars Club, located behind home plate, has panoramic views of the New York Skyline with couches to lounge on and food stations to choose from. Lastly, the Promenade Club is a great place to go to get out of the rain while still having that baseball stadium experience.

4. Bark at the Park


In support of North Shore Animal League America, Citi Field offers dog owners a fun opportunity to enjoy a Mets game with their four-legged friends during “Bark at the Park”. For $40-$45 and $10 for your pooch, the entire profit of the dog ticket and a portion of yours will benefit North Shore Animal League. As an added bonus, pets and their owners can participate in Dog Parade around the field, as well as to mingle with other dogs on the Pepsi Porch.

5. Cowbell Man, Tie Guy & Pin Man


There are Mets fans, and then there are the die-hard Mets Fans. They are at every game and everyone loves and respects them. Each sporting a custom jersey with their nicknames displayed on the back. Cowbell Man can be heard anywhere in the stadium, rallying the crowds during Mets chants. Tie Guy wears a different tie to every game (he has over 50 now). And Pinman is covered in hundreds of Mets themed pins. Not a game goes by where he doesn’t wear his famous jersey.

6. Mets Hall of Fame and Museum

Mets Hall of Fame.


Full of artifacts from legendary Mets moments as well as interactive kiosks and highlight videos, everyone can enjoy a little chunk of Mets history, from the biggest fan to the first-time visitor. Visit the Mets Hall of Fame featuring plaques of all 25 inducted members as well as the Stadiums exhibit to learn how the Mets made it from the Polo Grounds to Citi Field.

7. Jackie Robinson Rotunda

Rotunda from the top of the elevators.


“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives,” reads a quote by Jackie Robinson written above the entryway to city field. The Jackie Robinson Rotunda, an impressive entry way celebrating the life of the baseball legend, is a jaw dropping way to enter Citi Field. Take a picture in from of the nine-foot sculpture of Robinson’s retired number 42 and explore the exhibit highlighting his life and accomplishments.

8. Shea Stadium’s Bases


For most life-long Mets fans, it was hard to let Shea Stadium go and to accept a brand new stadium in its wake. After knocking it down though, they marked the sites of Shea Stadiums bases into the concrete with gold bases, commemorating Shea’s 44 year run. Get to the stadium early and wander around the parking lot to see all the bases before tailgaters invade.

9. Citi Field Fan Walk Bricks


Once you come to Citi Field and fall in love with it and the Mets, become a permanent part of Citi Field by purchasing an engraved brick to be placed into the ground on the Fan Walk outside the stadium. This is great for the die hard Mets fan as well as for those Mets fans who have passed away. In addition to the brick at Citi Field, you can also purchase a replica brick and display case to display in your home.

10. The Fans

We still believe!


The Fans are what make the team who they are. They are the ones that soldier through a rainstorm to cheer their team on. They jump out of their seats at every home run and sing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” in the 7th inning with gusto and enthusiasm. Mets Fans wear silly hats and scream out the answers to between-innings trivia. They never talk bad about their Mets and they always, always respect each other.

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    1. I have been a Met fan since 1974 and miss Shea Stadium, however, your article hits home for me. You hit all the right points and it is clear that you are a real fan of baseball and the NY Mets. Keep writing, love your stuff.

    1. I have been a Met fan since 1974 and miss Shea Stadium, however, your article hits home for me. You hit all the right points and it is clear that you are a real fan of baseball and the NY Mets. Keep writing, love your stuff.

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