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The Community of Baseball.

I will find reasons to talk about baseball. If I see you wearing a team shirt, it's all over. The questions begin. What team do you root for? Who's your favorite player? Why? What's your favorite stadium? How come? Ever been to Fenway? Do you like Minor League Baseball? Do you have a Baseball Passport? That one always stumps them. "No, what is that?" they say with a smile on their face, intrigued by something they haven't heard of in an…


California, where the pioneers go.

I have only ever seen glimpses of California through Led Zeppelin songs and Walt Whitman poems. It was where everyone at film school planned to migrate after graduation. It was a land of pioneering and inventing, where all the newest gadgets, games and films were born. I was never one for the cold and the snow, and I loved the country side more than anything. I felt a longing for California, much like Robert Plant did when he sang "there's…


GDC 2016: The Great Nerd Migration.

Every year over 26,000 nerds converge upon San Francisco for GDC to attend lectures, try out new technology, meet other game developers, and see who takes home the prize at the Game Developers Choice Awards. It's is essentially game mecca, and this year was my first year attending. In October I was hired by a close friend of mine to community manage and market a game he created called CHKN. Only two weeks from launch, I found myself on a plane to…

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Designing an Office to Appeal to Multiple Interests.

Dave and I moved into our current apartment on the worst day possible; the day of hurricane Sandy. We had already bought the apartment, packed everything in bags, and put our few pieces of furniture and belongings onto a truck before we realized it wasn’t looking too good. Half of Staten Island had been evacuated and we were moving in less than a mile from the Atlantic Ocean. Uh oh. Long story short, we made it. We had power the whole…


Road Trip Series: Key West, Florida.

The best places on Earth are the ones you have to trek, strain and sweat to get to. Key West had unexpectedly become that place for us after 12 hours of driving from Atlanta, Georgia to Key West, Florida. City streets turned to interstates which opened up to the vast Everglades, and when the sun began to set we hopped our way from island to island across the keys at a slow and steady 25 miles an hour. Torture. Pure torture. When…


Road Trip Series: Charleston, Part Two.

I was lucky enough to grow up in equal parts country, and equal parts city. For my entire life I lived in a rural part of New Jersey, but was close enough to the city that I could drive 5 minutes to a train station and be in Midtown in a little over an hour. I was able to go to school all day in the city, but come home to my quiet country home, listening to nothing but the breeze and the…

New Leaf - Chandelier

Road Trip Series: Charleston, Part One.

I live in New York City, the city of all cities, where streets sprawl in grids and everything continues to grow higher and higher. From the upper west side to the farthest reaches of Queens, you know you're in a city. Occasionally there will be a beautiful, remote park that you can lose yourself in, but there's always the sound of the city somewhere in the distance. Charleston was nothing of the sort. It was a perfect combination of country, city,…


How to Plan a Road Trip: Insider Tips

Vacations can be glamorous; a five star resort on a tropical island, endless drinks, scantly clad sun tanned bodies, crystal pools and dinners under the stars. But vacations can also be rugged; roaming from place to place, not knowing where you’ll end up, seeing more in one short span of time that some see in a life time. I’m speaking of course about road trips. I recently embarked on an adventure in the American South East, and here are my…

Also known as the Norway Lobster or scampi.

Move over, Lobster. Langoustine is here.

For the longest time lobster was considered an indulgence, right up there with caviar and truffles. When cooked correctly it is sweet, succulent, and like most things, is made better drenched in butter. But now a new sea bug is in town, so move over, Lobster. The langoustine is here. Langoustines are very common in Europe, found in many Greek dishes. But only of late has the langoustine found it’s way into many high-end restaurants in New York. Confused about…


Cafe Zaiya: Japanese Cafe and Bookstore

Cafe Zaiya first started serving up fresh Japanese pastries in New Jersey, in 1990. Over a decade later, the brand has expanded to multiple locations in Manhattan. With the move, they have also broadened their menu, adding affordable and authentic savory Japanese dishes to their menu, such as Pork Katsudon, a rice dish with fried pork and vegetables, and triangular rice balls with various fillings called Onigiri. The best Cafe Zaiya location can be found across from Bryant Park, on…

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Rosemary’s: A Review and Lament

The hours between 12:00 and 4:00PM on Sundays is a free-for-all of bottomless mimosas, hungover college students, and plates upon plates of spiffy and pretentious variations on eggs. Brunch is fast becoming my favorite meal though; there are not many places where you see pancakes and burgers on the same menu. It's also an excuse to drink during the day. A reservation has become an absolute must to get a seat at one of these establishments promoting binge drinking. If you don't have…


10 Reasons to Visit Citi Field This Summer

Baseball is a timeless sport, reminiscent of sunny summer days, the smell of sausage and peppers and the iconic sounds of baseball. Baseball runs deep with New Yorkers, and we are lucky enough to have two stadiums just a subway ride away. This summer, hop on the 7 Line and head to Citi Field for these ten memorable reasons. 1. Citi Field [caption id="attachment_393" align="aligncenter" width="470"] Center field view.[/caption]   Shea Stadiums replacement, although a baby compared to it’s predecessor,…


Never let inspiration go, even if it’s 3:00am.

It's 5:30 am, and if you know me this is an ungodly hour for me to be awake. I used to get up at this time every day with no complaints to catch a train to the city at 7:00am. But now that I am working from home, I take it upon myself to enjoy some sleeping in. But tonight/day was different. I've been up since 3:00am because my mind was racing. Not in a bad way, about stressful days…


Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about eating out.

For years I struggled with what diet was right for me, as well as my clients. Should they cut out dairy and grains? Go vegetarian? Eat whatever they want just as long as it fits in their macros? Calorie restrict, or carb cycle? It's easy to get overwhelmed by all the fads that pop up every couple of months, truly and painfully overwhelmed. After six years of being a personal trainer and health coach I have finally come to the definitive…


Finding Paradise in Costa Rica Part 2: Adventures

Spending a week in paradise changes you. Your memory becomes a little more keen and you realize you want to remember these moments forever. You learn to appreciate nature and clean air, and silence. And if you are in paradise with someone you love, you grow closer because nothing is more pure in that paradise than love for all things beautiful.  PART TWO: ADVENTURES In Part One I wrote about just the resort itself, The Westin. Now is when I talk…


Finding Paradise in Costa Rica Part 1: The Westin

Spending a week in paradise changes you. Your memory becomes a little more keen and you realize you want to remember these moments forever. You learn to appreciate nature and clean air, and silence. And if you are in paradise with someone you love, you grow closer because nothing is more pure in that paradise than love for all things beautiful.  PART ONE: THE WESTIN AT PLAYA CONCHAL I found paradise on our vacation to Costa Rica in May of…


Finding Adventure

Last fall I rented from my school a Canon 5D Mark III with a full kit of Canon Ultrasonic Lenses. I knew I had to shoot some foliage shots, and D knew right where to go. We hopped in the truck and set off up north on another adventure, with not destination in mind. We just followed our gut. We stopped along a winding, hill-side road and got out to see this majestic view. Incredible colors. Saw this as an…